Video duration from URL

How to get video duration from URL?

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More elaborate your query…

If you want the duration of the video, paste sample video URL, with the help of ordinary extension it is hard to get but deep host extension may do. But it is not advisable here.

video url, like this

Try this

I am not sure

VideoUtil: Get some information from video (Url/local)

not possible

You can get it from here…

Extension request: MK VideoPlayer

Search in community forum, every queries asked earlier and solved by someone of may be solved with extension… All the best

Have you tried that extension?
Did you get any error?

Check it out, If it can helps you:

You can try to use the Metadata component :point_down:
To get the duration, set the File property to your video URL:

Then use the Duration method to get the video duration:


metadata cannot read online video URL.