Video Player Component Stuck or look in Pause

Hi guys,
I have some problems with video player componnet to play m3u8 (live stream).

Some days it work fine for hours without problems, i don’t know why, but some times (not always) player it seems stuck or in pause. If i go back and select the same channel player work again.

I thing (not sure), this happens when player load streaming and have a internet microcuts at the same time.

I set on blocks the events Screen Error Ocurred and VideoPlayerError with labels to see that it happens, but they don’t show any result.

How i tried to fix this, any idea ?
Sorry about my english.

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I also work with kodular video player component in my live TV app. I also play .M3u8 stream link in video player but kodular video player component didn’t work properly with live stream link so due to which now I’m using deep host EXO video player extension.

@Hadi_Editz Thanks so much for your help.
I send a PM to Deep_Host, he never answered.
No info about cost on Deep_Host apk or web site.
You can tell me cost of this extension ? (please, sendme info to PM).
Thanks so much for your time.

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Cost of this extension is 100inr.

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