Video player how to exit full screen mode

I was wondering how can you exit the fullscreen mode in the video player. I want my app to be always in portrait, but I want to make it so that when you press a button you go to fullscreen mode and when you’re in fullscreen mode then the screen is Landscape and when you rotate it to be Portrait then it goes out of the fullscreen mode, is it possible? Or is there a way to edit the ui of the video player easily and add a fullscreen button like there is one in youtube player?

Thanks, Niu.

You can use oriantation sensor to detect the screen orientation and then the screen is rotated then you can exit the video player

Tried to do it, but don’t really get how to do/use it. Can you please show me the blocks if you can?

Okay I’ve done it and it works perfectly. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Oh yea, sorry. I’m pretty new and always forget to do it.

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