View_flipper stuck my app when i call images from airtable

Hello everyone

i am using a viewflipper in my app and it works good when i call images from asset but when i call images from airtable then my get stuck for multiple seconds when screen initialize even my app doesn’t respond.

here is my block’s image

please help me solve it

add the image link in variable , from the variable add the images to view flipper and test

i have tried that way as well

share with us few image urls

Here is a an image url.

The problem is not with the image url, problem is when the veiwflipper get image from Airtable spreadsheet at that the app doesn’t respond for a while, then it work perfectly

Why is your image so big? Scale it to your phone screen.

Is that the problem? If yes, what is the size of the image should be?

See above.

see point 2