Visible ads base google sheet data

My app have banner and interstital, when user want to remove ads, i’ll update their androitID + phone number to google sheet and call check, if true - banner and interstitial í visibale on all screens (my app have 5 screens)
i do anythings in screen1, it work, open another screen it work (i mead ads dont show). But when back to screen1, it dont work , banner and interstitial are show, open another screen ( 2 - 3 -4 - 5 ) banner and interstitial are show.
tiny_DB in 5 screens are the same name. This my blocks


How i can fix, if data have in google sheet, and ALL ADS IS VISIBLE ON ALL SCREEN.
Thank you.

  1. You have not added your full block to check up
  2. Do not use compare text block, you are using defined condition so use directly = function from logic block

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