Want In App PDF viewer extension

This is looks like advanced!

I am limited to Kodular only :sweat_smile::persevere:

Html Error help me.
2020-06-14 at 20-13-54

The error is referent pdf.workoer.js to path/url not existing (you path/url is for pc).
Upload pdf.workoer.js to your app project and into html code set link src=“pdf.workoer.js”
Or you referent to file strore in a server src=“https//…”

If there is a way to only load certain pages of a pdf file that would be great.

Deephost has an extension like that. I forgot where.
And now someone will flag me quickly because I talked about deephost :neutral_face:

But that does not have features. It has horizontal scroll to change page and if you pdf is of not same size as screen it sompress the pages and even shows landscape pages in portrait.


Yes off course.

Actually the problem is that there is no native library to render pdf in Android.Also a few libraries who has been ported from Java/IOS to Android are quite big in size.
Would anyone like to build app with an extension of 9mb in size? (I am talking about Pdfium).

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Looks Deephost extension, is free.
Only way to get extension is installing Deephost apk.
Screenshot of my phone

It does not do everything what you need to do but you can show the file pdf

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Have you read this??

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:man_facepalming: I’m sorry about it I did not see it, I apologize


download lik plz

For what ?