Want To Create Antivirus!

i want to create an antivirus program please help me any.

You can not do that with Makeroid. Maybe try to develop an app that you can start yourself and only ask a question for things you can’t achieve.


There is Google Play Protect :sunglasses:

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And? I have never seen a guy have just Play Protect on his/her phone, i think almost everyone have an AntiVirus on his/her phone, so why not? :wink:

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I never used an antivirus program in my life.


That’s why I am asking for I made a antivirus in .bat extension and it scans batch viruses but on computer so I thought here makeroid members can help but they just try to close topic asap.

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But there are a lot of antivirus for Android… why create one more? What are the advantages of creating a new one?

Besides, I think in Android, to create an antivirus is a bit different than a PC one. Do you have the basic knowledge in how to deal with Android’s internal system?


I don’t have one

The first thing I do is turn off Play Protect. No antivirus bloat, thank you very much.

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A few weeks ago, TurboProgramming asked in the Amplify Store topic, why create another one, it’s a lot of them. I said this:

Thats just not true (i think).Yeah, there is for almost everything an existing program, who many users use. But if you make something better, something new, your app can become “the” app who everyone uses.

I think that’s true for this one too.


yes i made android applications on eclipse Juno !

Yes, I agree with you. So, I’m gonna repeat it again: If you have knowledge in how to create an antivirus, so do it!


so we want to create an antivirus program on makeroid we are asking you to what things are needed to create ?

This was your first post. Anyway, go ahead in your project. I’m finishing this here, because it’s going to be off-topic.


Very useless ;__; Blocks only apps like kingroot or other hacking apps like lucky patcher. Even AVTEST classifies it as 0 points out of 6…
Very sad when I found out ;-;

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who needs a antivirusd app whichs has no knowlege of a virus , hahah this is max a become virus app. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Closing the discussion over there, yes, you have the ability to create one. There are a lot of online databases where from you can easily get a list of the databases malicious hashes. If you find a way to hash the local files and then compare them with the ones containing malware, you are good to go!
Hope this helps!


Adding to what Daniel said, Google Play Protect is not an Anti-Virus program. It is a form of protection against possibly malicious apps from unknown sources. It assumes the user to be unaware of advanced features of the Android system, and that the user only obtains apps officially/legally from the Play Store.

P.S. All antivirus programs on Android are trash.


That’s why - we need to make one!

I think this might not be possible or will be quite hard to implement as Android is an open source

Personally I believe that all the Antivirus and so called cache cleaners available out there are spam or trash and only disguise users with adwares and fake promotions.

Android is safe as long as you download all your apps from playstore and need to do nothing with all those fake security softwares and cleaners (this is automatically managed by your device depending on the apps you working with at any given time)

All in all Android is an opensource and we love that, ain’t we? :wink: So why to disturb this beautiful balance between an OS and its peculiar Opensource property by bringing such fake software in the middle