Earning app For mobile

Dear makeroid users, I want to create earning application for Android by makeroid. But will it be 100% secured?

This are the few things I really need to know.

  1. A registration page with gmail / fb login option
  2. Referal system ( Most important)
  3. Simple but attractive CSS

I need full guide with images a video would be much appreciated. Cheers TIA

  1. We will soon have a new component to simplify this task
  2. This should be implemented by yourself.
  3. Apps made with Makeroid are native to Android, and hence, it is not a Web app, that you can not apply CSS styles on.
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Pavi I search about makeriod on youtube but got no videos . Can u drop me some demo tutorial link? so I can watch and unsderstand

We have made only one video which we released today. But it is a quick start to use Makeroid and doesn’t teaches you anything.

If you want see the video, here is the link: https://community.makeroid.io/t/makeroid-quick-start-makeroid/496?u=pavi2410

What are you mean with ‘soon’? Next coming release or in the future releases?

I am working on FirebaseAuth with multiple login options like Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub and Email. I dont know when I get those components working, but I think it will take a few weeks to a few months. Firebase is not very easy to work with


I’m working on this but it’s a WIP:

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