Google and Facebook Authentication in Makeroid

Like Firebase Authentication extension can we also allow users to login through Google and facebook like a professional app login or sign up systen

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There is already a Google Account login Component in Makeroid

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Can we connect google login with firebase so that whenever user will try to login with google it will store in firebase

I am working on Firebase, so when that will be released you can use the real Firebase Auth system


Oh thank you soo much for providing your best efforts for all of us at the age of 18 you are doing a great job .

Google account component its just a email pcker and only return email… real OAuth2.0 return some information about user name, email and a token for access to another services. the only way to get that its FacebookLogin extension and GoogleLogin extension from MITExtensions.


Are those Extensions Paid?

FacebookLogin is free, GoogleLogin is paid with MitCoins. So, You can Use FirebaseAuth v3.0 too

Thank you for your helpful information can anyone close this discussion.

Make it go off topic.

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I will take a look if I can try to create the “real” login when I get back from holidays


Sounds good :relaxed::relaxed: when I read your comment thnx for this

whats going on with that login system?

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