I Have Question For Makeroid Developer, Please Answer

  1. How Makeroid will Earn?
  2. will you insert your Ads in Our App??
  3. Will You Take Little Fees for this builder?
  4. will you give me Copyright strike, if i make Apps making tutorial for YouTube via makeroid??

Please Reply
Thanks in Advance

Makeroid earns by getting a small fee on AdMob components
So it’s a way to guarantee a “freemium” service without having to pay us directly nothing. All process is done automatically, and users don’t have to make anything, just enjoy Makeroid :wink:


The unique fee we take is from AdMob earnings

You can do whatever you want with your apps as far as it doesn’t harm Makeroid’s image
The apps you create are of your own, you have all rights on them

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How to you, Generate revenue from our Admob earnings means our Admob account??? because all money google transfer in our bank accounts.

What we do is that each X ads, instead of using your ad code, we set our own ad code, so that % of ads revenue goes to us


thANK you barreeeiroo

excellent support

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each X ads means

That in a sequence of 100 ads, for example, X ads will use our ID

What are you trying to say sir
I don’t understand
Please explain

Makeroid uses own ad id in every app ?
For example: I place admob banner ad 1 and interestial ad 1 in my app
Then How makeroid can add their own add ?

They have just made that component code that way so in you every 100 ads sequence they will show there ads for 1 or 2 Time only after again 100 it will use their id


Correct @ING_Studio That’s how it works.

I think makeroid need some more optimization hope it will be fully optimized in upcoming updates @Mika

I hope Makeroid will get less monitazation. :sunglasses:

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That means for every 100 impression for each ad unit
Makeroid show their ad one and two times

Yes that right

Can It create invalid activity for Google Adsense account?

No. It can’t.