Also make a paid version of Makeroid

developers can you make a paid version of makeroid because i want it.

Its Makeroid not makedroid


There isn’t going to be a paid version of Makeroid. But you can always donate if you want.


Because you want to pay ?
For what ?

If you honestly wanna pay for something, goto Appybuilder and ask them to bring that option back. Makeroid has always been free and will always be free as they stated. I think that when you ask for this, you’re saying to some users, if you cant pay… Leave. I dont think that’s how Makeroid will let it slide/roll.


What? If you want to help just donate. Repeat it every month if you want.

If you think a paid version will make makeroid bring better and exclusive functions for the premium users I guess you are wrong.

They look really engaged on help EVERYONE.


All I want to say is most of the developers don’t know what makeroid is doing to our apps and I guess they don’t want me to told you and why I am supposed to be so rude to the free users.

Dear Makeroid community
I said a paid version
Not to change whole Makeroid to paid
Read it carefully and then reply

Thank you for your time
You just need to add two simple blocks in the admob blocks
That you removed earlier.

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What do you want to pay for? Why don’t you just donate to their PayPal?

I think he wants some exclusive features which are not available currently. So he wants to get them by paying in a paid version which he cannot get by donating.

Ok lets make it clear i want
Change ad unit id block

And why would you want to change it?

So you can make a earning app which takes the ad unit id from Firebase DB?


These guys are really too much hard working (not really). They keep on finding and finding and finding new ways to secure there Admob account and be a billionaire with those earning apps. :laughing:
You guys really deserve a big round of applause. :sweat_smile:

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Now this is my last explaination
What i do is

I make apps for other peoples for free
The only thing i want from them is 20% their of their earnings and their app idea and if makeroid will also add their ads then its like cheating my customer. I hope you understand. That’s why i am even ready to pay makeroid (Makerdroid sounds better).

Hahahaha… No.

But why someone will change his ad unit id from firebase

Does admob allow us to use ads in earning app.
may be this disable admob account

earning apps are not allowed in Makeroid and in Google Play. You will get your account suspended.


yes your may be suspend and adsense would disabled @shubhamkumawat1494

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Let him try one time
I am sure he will never repeat same mistake