How to change ad unit id dynamically in makeroid

In the makeroid blocks there no.option to change add unit id dynamically then how I can change

You can’t change it.

Any way to change like using firebase

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No. And btw why you need it?

To protect add from invalid click and many more

no but there are other ways u can do that u can store ad click times in tiny db then set it after two clicks disable banner ad1 and enable banner ad two if u need more info or blocks image then please reply

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and you are wondering why your account got suspended?


really ??But it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the guidelines

Peter said that because you said you wanted to change ad unit because of invalid click activity.

That means " If your admob account gets suspended due to invalid clicks then you want to change the adunit from firebase"

Isn’t it ?

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Why do you want to change the unit id dinamically?
The revenue will be shared by 2 different accounts or something like this?

you can`t change ad unit id dynamically but i have idea, you can put multiples ad id use it dynamically like if user already click on add then automatically 2nd ad id enable and 1 st is disable ( its just ans from me, i am not promoting earning apps

No not really the thing is many people are jealous of our apps and they compete with us and to decrease our earning they purposely click on our ads to get assured that one ad isn’t clicked more than 3 times we are doing this

If you didn’t click the ad by your self and still your admob account is blocked due to the other person activity then you can apply for a review to google team.

If they found and confirmed that you didn’t click your ads then you’ll get your account back.

So what’s the problem ?

Tried a lot still actually by getting misguided by some youtube videos i did selfclicking and i admit it and will never do the sin again i want my account back I admit that i committed a sin and will never do that again

I don’t think it is that easy to convince Google that you did nothing after these things happen. Many people could just ask friends to click their ads and dozens of others ways that people use to get more money with admob. So a simple message to the support will never be enough.

What a person could do is inform Google when he suspect that there are people trying to make him get banned, but even this is not guaranteed.

kodular should give this option to protect the ad unit id , because the ad unit id can be easily hacked form any application.

It very good.
Because someone is giving you money without any work.:grinning:
But there is a negative side of this also.It can be used for invalid click activities.
Otherwise if you want that then open a new topic in IWant category.

Why would anyone give someone a free money?

The enemy could use it to click on the invlid.

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If you are talking about Admob Account than I created it for free.
And if you are talking about Ad Ids then if someone used it on his/her app then earning will be added to your account because Admob think your app is generating ad requests(I think so).
So I think No one will do that.

Ya this is true.But if you afraid from these small ( for me ) problems then how can you make high level apps.

This is not a small problem, the better it is to keep your app safe.

Do you think a high level app can be made from Kurlar?

It is not possible without the Android studio.

I am now realizing that android-studio I have to learn.