How to Set add unit through server

I want to set add units through my server,is there any option in kodular.want to control adds through server.

use airtable another firebase its help to add new unit in your app

What will be the component for admob to set add unit to call from firebase or hosting?

This 2 videos will be help you to find your solution


Brother this component is not available in kodular…

unfortunately you can’t change add unit in kodular.

you can be change ad units but not available in kodular

Yes all things are good in kodular i was hoping that option too.

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Please Do not Discuss about other builder here, also i hope Kodular is not adding that option as its not too important.

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Brother adds can b controlled through server or protected from invalid activity…

There is many duplicate topics about this. and please, do search before creating. (also i hate the word ads )

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There is no topic what i asked. Leave

Are you sure there isn’t? Doing a quick search I could find two!

You can’t search?

Thank you!

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I was talking about kodular…i didnt find component unit id but available in block2code…kodular has more functions than block2code except unit id function…

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