Queries to post apps

Hello Team,

I am a new user, and i am really happy that i am a part of such amazing team and company. I love your concept of you developing apps.

I have some queries i hope you will not mind in answering, if i created some apps then do i have rights to post my apps in GOOGLE PLAY? If i will have rights to post my apps so do you will charge or take some percentage from my earning.?

I hope you will answer my question as soon as possible.

We shows our ads in the ad components every x times.

First of all, welcome the community.

You can publish your apps created by Makeroid (and other AI2 distributions).

Makeroid does not charge an extra fee or commission for publishing.

  • Makeroid will receive 5% of the money you earn from the ads you add to your app.
    Apart from advertisements, the Makeroid does not charge you anything.

But the same things can not be said for Google:

Read more about tax for published apps:

If there is a mistake I apologize.


Thank you so much for your support.

One thing more do you have any video section so that we can learn how to make apps.

Thank You.

If you are asking about Makeroid, I don’t think there is a video guides/examples of Makeroid.
If you are asking about me, I don’t have any video. Sorry.

makeroid take 20% commision and not just 5%

Ok, Do you have any proof? Not always %20. This is random between %5-%20 (rarest)

Also, we discussed that before already.

yes you tell right its from 5-20 percent of which you focus on lowest i.e 5% and i focus on top i.e 20% that’s simple. And yes we have discussed in details a lot in past just happen upon this old post and mention its not just 5% but upto 20%. I generally find it to be in between 10-20% for my apps. It increase and decrease for the same app; i don’t know why. I have tested this using test ads.

Okay; have a good day!