Want to load just 10 item in DynamicComponent Card

I want to load just 10 item using dynamic component and i was succeeded but now getting an error that “Expected a unique ID, for ‘card 10’.”

Here is my block. Please help me to load 10 Item without any error.

Why do you use here global I’d, you can use always the length of the list blocks… if you get length, the. Just use for each number blocks from 1 to 10 by 1 in a simple manner

if your global ID is set to 1 by default than set it to 0

HELLO! I think, without looking at all the code, that the error is where you add 1 to the global ID. surely, when you create more items, the id stopped at 10 and maybe, repeat the id.

Try putting the IF block outside of the procedure or at the beginning of the procedure.


I can solve your issue just pm me.

Why don’t you provide a solution here?

can you please show me block … i tried but not getting the desire result.

didn’t work

Where do your datas obtained from.

The problem is, as per your logic I’d was created till 10 then when the length become 11 it didn’t add the +1 but it started to created Dyna comp and throws this error.

So don’t use the logic inside the procedure , create Dyna comp using that logic

I am using Google Firebase to create transaction history. And i just want to load only 10 transactions.

In which block can I do this logic? If i am using “for each number blocks from 1 to 10 by 1” then it just loading a single transaction 10 times.

it means, you have not use the length of the list properly… first parse the json into proper list then try

give us, sample aia (not main) along with oyur blocks, we will fix it

Dynamic.aia (1.2 MB)
Here is my aia, please solve the issue and re-upload here. Thank You.

(Reminder : Want to load only 10 transaction in screen “wallet”)

Note : Don’t do anything with login screen :sweat_smile:

Dynamic(1).aia (1.2 MB)

changed your logic there by app will run faster and firebase will not running out the free limit sooner

Amazing :heart_eyes:
is there any detailed tutorial on Dictionary block. I wanna Learn.

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