Want to make dynamic Horizontal Layout

i want to make dynamic horizontal layout from single layout.
First initialize, one layout and have 3 image.Image comes from database. if 3 images fill.then automatically create another layout and 3 image components. layout will be increase everytime if images fill/got.
If not find images then system will show default layout.

Now, it is possible with this builder.

want to like this images below:

You mean a Grid Listview.

I can add this to my todo list if you want. Maybe I can added it in version 1.1 of Makeroid.


yes.gird list view.i really forgot the gird list view :pensive:
hope ,it can possible?

Thats okay. I will take a look at what I can do. But I think it will work. I will notify you here when I have some updates about this.

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okay…thank you.

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