List with Image and Text multiple line

Is it possible to make more than one line for title or subtitle?

I have tested <br> and \n

<br>” has no effect

" \n " shows only 3 dots …

The problem is @Sander have not enabled html input for that.
Maybe he can do it if you ask him :smiley:

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I will add an option for this in the next release


How does this look?


How many breaks are possible?

And is this only possible for the subtitle or also for the title?

You can use:

Small mode
No breaks.

Normal mode
1 break

Large mode
2 breaks

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Hi Sander… is there any possibility to have a listview like this with images but on the right side?

Or maybe to add an icon there :thinking:

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Sure. I can add a property to add the image on the left or right.


Just great!!! Thanks!!!

How about this?


Wonderful!!! Good job!!!

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Is it possible to add an property for the text alignment?

Because <center> is not working

And what about this?

And I think it’s not possible to get the length of this list because you can not get the elements or anything else unless the user clicks on the last element of the list

An option for this would be very necessary for some people

I need a help for entering text, I’m using text box but
multiple line text is not allowed or something else…
i use the multipleline in the desiner window but isnt working…!

how to make the text multiple lines ???

The text may appear different in the designer then in your app. Not everything of the designer covers the reality. How it looks after compilation?

my dear friend, mee too tried in the phone but not working …