Want to set switch value

i have used switch component in app. by default its off .
when user Switch on it will work correct but when user exit from app and come back,
it reversed to Off Position

how to set it perfectly

when Screen1.Initialize
set Switch1.Checked to true


no thats not the problem.
problem is that, app forgot the position of Switch. when app reopened by user

Example : when user set Switch Off
and when user close & open app it will automatically switch on

If you need application to “remember” something, you have to use database component - TinyDB for example to store values.
Suppose you could use 1 global variable, which will “remember” status of switch button, then put this variable into database.
I haven’t used TinyDB component yet so won’t give you any example.



yes okk i will try Tiny DB

I’m having this same problem… read about tiny DB, i watched videos, and nothing is working

How to properly set this tiny db to save the switch position???
It’s just to much stuff… variables, call tiny, get data… set data, initialize global variable, make lists…

@Light17 Try something like this:

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It worked, thanks!

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