Want Universal Variables and TinyDB

Want Universal Variables and TinyDB features so we can store data like setting
Universal means that can be shared on all screens
We can use start and close screen values but we can not do all things

TinyDB is common in all screens in your app. Just add the component to every screen and use the same Tag to Store and Get your data.


What? :open_mouth:
I don’t know about this…
I am using Kodular from 2 years

I am doing it with open screen with value till now… :sob:

Thanks @George_Loungos

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So i can close this i guess?


But there are no Universal Variables
We can achieve this with tinydb itself

On screen.initialize
Clear all tiny db info related to variables

You can create a procedure to clear all the Tags that you are using as Variables and call it in Screen.Initialize

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So sad that I don’t know about this…
I was thinking that even (tinydb1, tinydb2) are not related :joy:

I tried to implement dark mode and other settings with open and close screen value
Imagine how difficult it is… :rofl:
I did with dictionaries… with open screen block


Sorry to say but if i was in your place then i must be saying(in indian style):
Oh bhai maaro muje nhi nhi maro… :joy: :joy: :joy:



I feel like I got super power after reading this…

I like Kodular more now :heart:

my screens are switching so slow…
May be because of big dictionary (settings) in start value
From now I will do it with Tiny DB

My advice is to not use screens, use just screen 1 and use arrangements as screens.

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I know this as I am using Kodular from 2 years
But good apps can not be made with 1 or 2 screens :crazy_face:

Wrong on that point.

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Don’t take this off topic