We got 2 problem in my app

I am making one browser app and there are got 2 problems

  1. im cant export this app

  2. cant open screen2 see all blank

this error also occurred with me just delete screen 2 and export the apk. if you are not able to delete screen 2 from designer then export aia and open the aia in winrar and delete screen 2 and then import the project again now it should work.


ya im tray but cant delete the screen 2

try this and tell me did it worked.

no dud its not working
can you tray
MT_Browser.aia (266.8 KB)

Try this one… MT_Browser.aia (300.2 KB)


A tip for you, before suggesting to delete the screen find the reason why it didn’t work

Btw, my aia which I posted earlier gets his Screen2 working again and no need to delete it



Plz… told me
how find the problem not get the any notes on the Browser
because this problem got me 3 another apps

Could you try to write better english. It is difficult to understand what you mean.

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Try to use Google translate. Write in Hindi and get results in English

Hello boban sir please told me how find the problem
How enable my aia screen 2
Because that’s same problem my another aia

I’ve repaired a number of aia’s and all have varied in some way.

I don’t know what is wrong with your other projects but this one lacked an extension,

at some point you deleted an extension but was not completely done so and hence this bug

To make it work again you have to import that extension again, a similar thread.



Thanku thanks alot sir

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