Web component issue

I am using PHP api in my app for Users data storage and i am using Web component for get and sending data
But in case of [NO INTERNET ] Notifier show the PHP Url which can make problem in user data {ERROR 1101}
Please help

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use the Screen.ErrorOccurred event to catch that error

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I don’t want to catch error
when a user try to use my app with no internet or break internet in b/w any event. error shown as a notifier with my PHP script url

I have not solution, just I wanted to say; Looks like this is an earning app, and this is forbidden.

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As Taifun already suggested




Thats not an Earning app thats an MLM App

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Their is no ad clicking activity in it.

Thank you it helps a lot

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I am your method but if their a milisec time gap occur it show that

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