WEB Response not showing ERROR 1101 text

Hello friends,

Today I realize that web response URL is showing the Error 1101 (black default notify) but it didn´t do it before. The message error is correct, but not this notify Error 1101: Unable to get a response with the specified…
When I got my sistem offline I expect this error 1101 normally but until today I got no error even filtering this in blocks.
Normally this black notify didn´t show. At most I use blocks with IF for any code error to suppress this.
Is that a really error?
I am using OREO Android

Thak you for your atention.

You have to use the Screen.ErrorOccurred event to catch error 1101


Thank you for this answer, it works.
Sorry for this posting, but I thougth it was a bug.

Hello, the same thing happens to me too. It should look like this?


yes, but all other possible errors will not be shown then

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Have you, after researching here in the community, tried to do what was given of possible solutions?