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There’s a problem with My App which I have built by Kodular.
I have created a web app through web viewer in Kodular. But it is not working. You can check this error:
Commion.apk (5.6 MB)

Welcome to the community. Please be more specific. What is not working ? Describe or post a screenshot of your error because no one will download an app without knowing anything about it. Also have a look at

Actually I am trying to implement ( https://dashboard.commion.com ) this link in the app. But when I open the App and the web viewer is not working just loads the page and back again trying to load the same screen.

Error Video drive link: Record_2021-10-29-18-57-27_4056aa691d42c23311d2add8d8cd0a09.mp4 - Google Drive

Do you use a clock component in Screen1 that you forgot to set to false ?

Your error seems to be problem with clock component…

Is it anywhere related with web viewer? Pls check up. If it related, then set clock timer always to untick and timer enabled to untick from the designer page

Yes, I have built a splash screen with the clock

That is the problem . When clock timers block pls set clock timer enabled to false (sorry)

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As I said :slight_smile: When clock timer set clock to false

Can you post your screen initi blocks alone , if not here

I have tested the app. & it’s solved.

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This is my Current Blocks Structure: Screenshot by Lightshot

Your blocks are wrong and will ccause troubles in future

Still your blocks incomplete… try to add clock1 timer enabled to false in the clock timer block. If not screen again and again wiil open , also you have not closed the current screen properly

Ok Ok! Thank You so much. I am beginner in kodular. Thank you so much for your guide.

Try to add your rules along with this design. You won’t have any problem

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Ok Done! Problem solved successfully!

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