Web Viewer external browser not work properly (how to do this)

I am trying to do if https://www.pastfutur.com is not web viewer url then open external browser. here is a videos and block design. where is the wrong? and how can i do this think?

blocks (13)

when i click side bar external url its work but when i click in content external link its not working. details in video.
help me please.

not work also this type

the block return my home url. its working.

but why in app not working? Where is my wrong?

another try but not working.

also another faild trial.

not working.

no one can help me?

hey man,just use contain text block to cheak that particular url is it in webview current url .if false then use external webview

can you make a example block? I was tired to try.

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it also not working.


maybe I don’t understand yet.

but it will open an external browser if the url is not “pastfutur”.
I hope you understand and this can be a solution


Test aia for
hhhhmmm.aia (2.3 KB)

What wrong with me?

hhhhmmm (1).aia (2.2 KB) i do the thing.

Try step by step logic … Display results in text labels. and you get what you do…

I got a progress score, not 100

Text labels return right result. But in app not working.

10 is result for me

Can you screenshot your result ?

its randomly.

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Why won’t you try with activity starter ?

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the correct one is 100…

Now you have the result.
Try yourself …
each logic only returns true or false

not working.

leave the topic. it not working. :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

Try this , I believe this trick will work