Webview app is limited to a pre-defined list of sites

I am interested in creating a Web View application and I want to add a list of sites that the application will check while browsing through the application, if the site appears in the list the site will open as usual and if the site does not appear in the list, the surfer will be transferred to a page that I will define in advance, I tried this and it does not work well

Read your blocks… get url is not a list. Make sure there you must use list of urls

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What to change, I didn’t understand, guide me what to write exactly instead of get url

in IF section you have put “get url” in the list input which is not a list,

instead you need to add the “get url” to a list and put that list in the List input.

For example: if you have all the site url’s in the list named “SITE URL” then replace “get URL” in the IF section with “SITE URL” list.

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Thanks, I changed, now when I run the app I get the following error message, I have SSL on the site, why does it appear and how can I prevent it?

you can disable SSL by UNCHECKING “Ignore SSLErrors” in the Properties section.

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