Webview app monetization

Kodular do kot Allow to monatization Webview apps with external links ? Bcoz i tried to apply & kodular says not suitable for monatization.

Yes, that’s correct. We do not permit WebViewer apps to be monetised. You should place AdSense (or equivalent) ads in your website instead

Using ads in app with web viewer is against the policies of play store.

If you are loading sites which you dont own, then you can not monetize it.

Yes, but is it only for

or for the WebViewer component as it’s own? Would like to know bc I am using the WebViewer offline for an HTML animation, nothing else.


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So playstore will allow apps with external links in Webview without ads ?


Play store dont allow apps with web viewer with sites you don’t own no matter without ads or with ads.

So if the “sites” are located in the assets (HTML file), Play don’t block them? :thinking:


And also you can show ads.

Yeah I don’t put ads in my apps, if I want to make money, I use Freemium method. So they would get approved? Nice.

But there are so many apps in playstore which has many external links…they r still alive why ???

If using a blogger api and showing content through load html blocks. Is it advicable for placing ads there?

Hey boss, my app don’t have full web viewer just some part of it is that, also the website is owned by me only please help!

If your website is owned by you, please place AdSense ads in your website, and not in the app.

Hope this resolves your issue

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Can I update my app on Google Play Store after changing the package name in kodular?

Please search the community or open a new topic for new discussions

There are many apps on playstore which are earning based and also it there some news apps which contains new paper links and show them on webview and montizing it but why they dont get banned.

Everthing is legal until you get caught


There are many criminals and terrorist out there. Not everyone serves jail. It doesn’t mean we should become one.

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I had used the site I own! But then also kodular shows Not Suitable

While you’re getting an easy way to build your app look good as well as perform good, I don’t understand why to implement just a web viewer! :dizzy_face:

Can I use drive link in Webviewer to show pdf and
Banner ads at bottom is it accepted