Webview Doesn't work with html link

Thank you, I’ve tried to implement it in many ways and I can’t make it work

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please help me by answering my questions…

Okay what’s your question I don’t think I saw.

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First when you click on second page in webview then what happens…

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The link opens in webview successfully

Custom HTML On Webviewer [SOLVED]

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It’s not the same, if I see the index.html file very well, which is not worth it is when I click the link does not work

@adrianjael15 Hi, will it be okay if webviewer loads html from an external database?

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I want it to work offline, add the html inside asset and call them to each other using webview

So what is the problem you’re fetching now? Sorry, don’t mind that I asked this question! :hugs:

My webview doesn’t work when I click on internal link when trying to call another html

Please correct me if I am getting this wrong!
Suppose I am reading a Webpage… And, there are lots of links on Webpage … When I click on a link, it opens another page… And, you’re trying to do this same thing on a HTML file…
Am I right?

I guess you were looking for something like this:-

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If exactly that but with internal html not with http

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Seems to be broken in @Kodular


Yes, I know. This all happens inside a single HTML file.

@adrianjael15 probably want to use 10-100 html files


No problem… It can’t be set with Kodular… He has to create html files based on his need.

it is a web application that I will use and there are many html also js ccs etc, and load them in an html I think it would be too heavy

Am I the only one who works well by placing only the name of the asset and not PathToAssets?