Webview Doesn't work with html link

Am I the only one who works well by placing only the name of the asset and not PathToAssets?

you probably are talking about something different…
and to answer your question you might want to provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so others understand, what exactly you are talking about…
also you might want to test 1) using the companion app and 2) using the apk file


It works the same way in both Companion and APK

I always put the name of the asset in a block of text, without paths or anything like that

Uh used the sample of your page on how to open html, I have the aia pero no funciona

May be its a bug that we are unable to open customised html.

So there’s a solution to my problem?

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Maybe i am not let’s take help from pro koders
@Diego & @techcvr
please help…

We are talking about Webview component



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Yes bro, it has…

Because you’re thinking in a basic way! Think smart… :nerd_face:

I have a whole web application that would be hard to put in an html

Wait a while , for some demo snapshots…

This will cause issues even for my app which I will need to update soon and using single html file su…


I don’t know what problem you’re fetching. But, I am using html files on app app for a long time without any error… :relaxed:

You don’t seem to understand what the thread is about

In your example you are controlling your html files with the buttons component and that’s not what we’re looking for

Try this example and make it work


Until this bug is fixed, use the extension KIO4_CreateWebView from Juan:

HTML_createWebView.aia (30.4 KB)
HTML_createWebView.apk (4.2 MB)


Nice work @bodymindpower

Including Taifun’s tools extension to simplify the code App Inventor Extensions: Tools | Pura Vida Apps

@adrianjael15 now you have a temporary solution


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Thanks Boban, I always try to use as few extensions as possible, so without Taifun’s Tools extension:


thanks it works perfectly,

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