Webview onclick event show on label

hi everyone
is it possible that when we click on webviewer web page and show the value what i click please help me

when i like or subscribe any youtube video that show on label that i like this or i subscribe this .

something like copy and paste?
to paste something from the clipboard, use the device utilities


I think he wants to detect click in webview which is not possible (If I am not wrong) because webview’s onClick() event never gets triggered.

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Yes then what shoud i do if it is not posible then do u have any other idea to detect the any kind of value when user click the youtube video’s like button or subscribe button and shows to us any value for example true /false of 0/1 bcz i have created youtube app as like sub4sub so now just i colculate and save the users like and subscribe values .
So if u have any idea about that kindly share thanks

I Have An Idea If You Are Brousing Your Own Webite So You Can Make All Click With Unique Id On Url For Exp…

A WebSite Have Some Contant Like Follow Us Contact Us ect

Then You Can Set

When Contact Us Click Url Should Be


So You Can Detect Click By Using A Block Called Get Current URL

How will you know that current URL has changed?


Thanks dear lets see is it work or not