Webview Showing in half of the screen after kodular new update previous is ok

Blank of the half screen

My blocks :arrow_down::arrow_down:

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Please write a clear question or whatever.
How should we know how we can help?!?

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Thanks for replying but webview components show the half of the screen at bottom and top is blank it happens when I export app in new version of kodular previous version is working properly


here are designr screenshot

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Half screen blank issue occuring in new version… :weary::weary::

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This has been answered many times …

I am experiencing the same problem, any solution for Webview no Eagle?

any solution for half blank screen in webview?

Solution -> be patient and wait until we have a fix!


its irritating.:tired_face:

The issue has been listed in the bug tracker.
Progress on the fix can be found there