What about being polite

Hi all!

am i the only one that is shocked by the fact that most of people in the community don’t even start their posts by saying Hello or hi? An don’t say Thx of Thanks at the end?

Same thing for people saying I WANT or ADD THIS, of FIX THIS…

Maybe i’m just too old to understand this after all…

BYe all! :slight_smile:


(Hi :sweat_smile:)
You mean the posts or the topics? You may start a topic with a greeting, but the single post are more like a chat where it’s normal to don’t to say hi when you start.

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Hello @kitsgratuits_fr! Welcome to the community, and thanks for taking the time to read others’ posts. I agree that bring polite is integral to a healthy Community, but greetings in every post might be seen as inefficient. A “hi” doesn’t hurt, though.


Yeah i meant on the start of the topic, not on all post… As i said, i’m not that young so my english is notanymore what i used to be…
Anyway, i use Makeroid, then Kodular and devs did a really good job :slight_smile:


First of all. Kodular is the same as the not known name.