What does this mean in text to speech component?

in text to speech component what does this means:
Screenshot 2020-10-30 114207

en Means English language for sure

could you please make a topic title that makes sense. It should reflect your question not something as general as what you used.

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isnt there any for hindi or german

Only the English(American and British) and default I have used… I didn’t really cared about others yet

it means accent


it’s Abbreviation.

Accent - A distinctive way of pronouncing a language, especially one associated with a particular country, area, or social class.

Abbreviation - A shortened form of a word or phrase.

Rest you can Google.


? :thinking:

found in kodular docs

@Ekansh_Pandit you make a topic and then solve it yourself and this is not the first time you should look carefully before posting a question. I think you only start a discussion so you can mark your post as a solution. I request @Peter to look into this.

Btw, its not accent its language.

what it means .

actually i got the answer and when i tried to delete topic i couldnot

nah not like that . actually i have very less patience by the time i have already created a topic i get answer i post it and mark solution coz neither i cant delete that specific topic

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wait but i gave addylin as solution

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Yes, I think @Ekansh_Pandit is right. If he gets the solution after making a topic then he should post it. It becomes easier for other users to get an answer to it if they are also having the same question or issue.

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I changed it to Addylin.


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