What happen with inApp Billing?

I use In App Billing, Yesterday it still okay, but today when i want continue my project inApp Billing is missing. Any solution for me to can still use InApp Billing ???

Show an image of your designer screen. In app billing visible for me.

here my image from design screen, yesterday i have a same image with you, but today ? it just missing, thats why i confuse

What if you refresh your browser or use another browser?

This is what i get after refresh my browser

And this is when i try to open in another browser

the result still same…

Last thing i can think of is clearing your cache of the browser.

It still give me the same result…

I guess @KodularCreator has to answer this one.

Have you also imported an InAppBilling extension?

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Didn’t think about that one. :+1:

I just started a new project to test, and it is visibile.

However there are issues with it. I had to buy Taifun’s extension because of the issues.

it was my fault, maybe because i upload a inApp Billing extention. When i try make a new project, it was showing again. There are any solution to make it show again in my project? because it’s almost done :frowning:

If it is in extensons then use it. If it the extension from Pavi then it is the same code as the in Kodular one.

You will have issues with it retreiving owned purchases

See here.