What I have learned from Kodular's Community?

I Learned From Kodular’s Community

1.That We have patience in ourself.

  1. That We have to summarize our questions in detail.

  2. That We need to do others help if we have knowledgeable from that topic.

  3. Speak politely with everyone.

  4. Make everyone to feel free in community.

  5. Welcome everyone in community.

  6. Share some new topics daily.

  7. Ask Mods if you are in trouble.

  8. Flag Post if you think the post is not suitable

  9. Share the topics with other, So then other get the following stuff easily.

These All Things I Learned From Kodular At Now.

I love Kodular’s - Users, Mods, Community, Creator, The All Of Kodular.


I have now changed the category. Also thanks for the appreciation… :slight_smile:

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agreed with first 1 :crazy_face: :joy:

How is this off topic?
I clearly showed example where our patience is tested
which was the first point