What if i upload kodular ads approved app to google play store?

I am not doing this, just asking.

Welcome. What is the question? Did you search the forum?

If it was approved you will not really notice the difference

My question is " What if i upload kodular ads approved app to google play store?"

your ads will still load, no difference !
if the app is to be published to play store then it need not be approved through Kodular, you can publish it directly and ads will load

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will they take commision then? if i directly upload to google playstore

commission is always there if you use ads in your app irrespective of fact that your app is published on play store or not.
if your app is ad free then no commission, no fallback ads(ads by kodular)

what if i use it from enhance extension, will they take commision then

i am not sure about this, but a couple of weeks ago i used enhance to monetize two of my apps, it just messed up with the app, increased apk size by almost 80% and caused crashes. I won’t recommend using it to anyone

it is better to use native ads components

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thanks for your response

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But I think native ads are blocked in Eagle Update.
App will be not compiled after using some extensions which are blocked.

I have said “Native Ads Components” not native Ads";:sweat_smile:

What do you mean by Native ad components?

Means components of kodular.