What is [] when you convert to text

I Know {} Is Dictionary when it’s presented on a label
and i know that () is list
but what is exacly
I Don’t know if it’s really basic but it’s something i can’t understand
what it could be
ofcourse it’s sort of grouping method
but what there’s except Lists And Dictionaries

This is a json array , see what Array , Object , String and Value is in

Also read

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I still need help
It give me this error:
The operation convert an alist to a dictionary cannot accept the arguments: , [empty-string]

and this is what i saved into this DB:

LabelLogs is taken the tasks variable
LabelLogs2 is taking only the value
what leaves me with this JSON That gives me error

Can you post a json example ?

{“0”:[“1”,“27”,“8”,“2021”,“6”,“0”,[“1”,“g”,“f”,“e”,“d”,“c”,“b”,“a”]]} that’s what i get from LabelLogs in the previous image i have shared
i try to get to 2021 as value but i can’t find the key
you have said that [] is a json

This is your json’s structure

thanks you

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