What is wrong with blocks!

how can i get full news-

As you can see that it shows +xyz.
I am doing this-
Can anyone tell me what is wrong?

Can you give Url of request.

nothing wrong in blocks .
kindly check your feed link in another browser and try it again.

Everythings works good but when I click on news it shows like this-

I checked the Url you are only getting that much content in response.

Your blocks are working fine problem is only that you are not getting full content in response. The API is only sending you this much.

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Here is the url-
How can it be corrected?

See my previous post

Is there any solution to that?

don’t use this feed link.
try from other source;

I will try from other

Look for official documentation about how to get full content on their site.

You’re using the headlines api.
Use this one, and it should work:

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