What means Activity Starter Canceled / After Activity

At the moment I need to setup the screen1.back Pressed block.

I need to know what is a) the difference between “Activity Canceled” and “After Activity” in the mindset, that a user started e.g. a phone call by activity starter, but pressed back button and did not make a phone call.

I already know, that if you started an activity starter and pressed back, it does not affect the screen1.back pressed block, because the process does not start as shown below.

and b) The documentation is not clear to me.

AfterActivity( result )
“Event raised after this ActivityStarter returns.” How does it return?

Event raised if this `ActivityStarter returns because the activity was canceled. How does it get canceled?

What is an example for a result ?

you return to your app after pressing the back button on the app, which has been started by the activity starter

after starting the activity starter you usually get a window to choose an activity from, for example if you are trying to send an email (How to send an eMail), there might be several apps to choose from, but you also can cancel that choose dialog, which results in coming back to your app and afaik then the ActivityCanceled event should fire.

that depends on the activity you are trying to start
for example you are trying to pick an image using the activity starter, so the path to that image could be a result
How to pick an image using the activity starter



So this should work after come back to app for any reasons.

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