What the iOS version looks like?

app inventor is almost done preparing their version for IOS, and I want to know what will be after they launch their version to the public,
after how long will kodular its IOS version?
Will we have to wait for each component again (except for what the app inventor has already built) or will the existing components be converted?
Will it be possible to convert projects at all?
What will happen to the beaver there is now? And if you can’t convert the apps to the new builder I thought it would be good if the old projects had some kind of green icon that would only work with Android and the new ones that would be built with the new version would be a blue one (which means they work on IOS) and a green one that they also work on android, and when they created a project New will be a choice whether to develop only for Android (but with more options) or for iOS and Android (but with fewer options).
:sweat_smile:I hope you can answer the questions

As per the progress shown at MIT for IOS not all components that are available in Android Appinventor will be available for IOS immediately however it might take some time to convert these blocks that are currently available with MIT and all depends with Apple Approval process unlike Android. Hopefully team will find the way to incorporate all features soon in future. The same might come to Kodular soonest :slight_smile: