What use of facebook interstitial commission block?

I’m using unity ads and facebook ads in my app , I show facebook interstitial commission block in block section can anyone tell me please what use of this block and this is required or not for ads

Don’t worry, that block is no longer usable as Commission ads are set to Unity Ads Interstitial:


You can’t change it now.


Thank you sir , I thought that block need to show ads
My commission will be same right? Or If I used two ad networks then my ad commission double?

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Have a look at these topics, you’ll get all your answers:

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Yes sir I already read this topic, but there is only showing ads commission % but my question is if we use two different ad network then commission will apply both of them or just one

Each ad network applies to each ad type.

It mean kodular takes both ad network commission right? In one app

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