Whats going on with Kodular

When I open a screen its shows multiple errors and when I set it to show errors it jump to 0 and all the errors are gone??? ( Google Chorme )

I see you didn’t bother searching for the problem. The very first sticky topic tells you Performance Issues

Yes I have read the message but it has been 8 days ago

When you login it also tells you then.

Show me the error message {screenshot}

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it happens when you change project from one to other and it take a little while to recognize global variations, so when you click any where in blocks its start reading them and errors gone . there is nothing to worry about that

Yes this happens also with me and second thing is one warning shows everytime when i checked it moves to blank part of the screen where there is no blocks and my all blocks working fine


“READ MORE>” takes you here.

There are some issues…
Be patient

Been more than 2 weeks, any updates or news?

Actually I asked the same thing, I wouldn’t bother…

I just got shut down Is there a near? with an incorrect answer.

We need an updates or news, the builder is increasing it’s not well performance. We stick in the last updates or news, but I guess in my opinion, everyone are waiting also for what’s next…

We’re still working on strengthening our server architecture. The release has gone slightly off schedule due to constraints with the time we have available to spend on Kodular.

While I cannot confirm a release date, I can assure you that most server issues should be fixed at most by mid November.