What's koming tomorrow?

Can anyone disclosure a lil sneak peak from tomorrow’s big news? Is it 1.2 (I don’t dare guess a name for it)? :shushing_face: I won’t tell if it is…

Something really kool :sunglasses:

No SneakPeeks this time

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I see… Soooo… Is it tomorrow yet? What about now? :laughing:

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Well, I meant “tomorrow at a day time” :sweat_smile:
Morning or Afternoon


Well… I now say goodbye to Makeroid… And hello to Kodular! Kool name a even better updates! Thanks to everyone involved! :grin: Eager to test the upgraded webviewer! And by the way… We’ll now call yourselves koders or kodulers? :thinking:

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Koders will be fine :smile:


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