Kodular :kodular:


(Kodular Bot) #1

Dear Koders,

We would like to introduce our new brand and trademark name:

Kodular :kodular:

What happend with Makeroid :makeroid:?

We wanted to have something unique, something which can easily identify us. Makeroid was composed by “make” and “andRoid”, and both words were used a lot nowadays
Also, containing the word “Android” on the name restricts a little bit our possibilities. As AppInventor is working on an iOS version, it wouldn’t make sense to be called with something containing Android and offering something releated with iOS

Why Kodular :kodular:?

Well, it took us several days to decide a new name. We finally made up a word which can suit us: Kodular

The word Kodular comes from joining two words:

  • Kode -> This derivates at the same time from Code. We decided to add a K to it to make it different from the normal word. We pretend to tell that we provide a pseudo-code service, so it’s better calling it using a different word but at the same time similar
  • Modular -> We provide a “modular coding” service. Also, we will change our products names from services to modules, in a way we will provide different modules for app development such us the Creator or the Store

We also want to say that the word Kodular in Estonian means “the core”, so we think it perfectly suits us in a way we provide the core of the introduction to coding

If you are wondering how to pronounce it, it’s really easy to figure it out:
As it comes from Kod+ular, then just join each word’s pronunciation and you will have it: /koudular/

We know changes are hard to accept, but we are sure you will like our new name as soon as you get used to it :blush:

Happy Koding :kodular:
@Kodular Staff

Will you also be available for iOS?
(張睿玹) #5

I thought it was hacked 5 minutes age

(Choofa) #6

I love the name! Well done :wink:

But I have a problem, now I can’t use companion? It won’t start live testing when I scan QRCode, nothing happens :thinking:

(GAAB) #7

Same problem to me

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #8

I’m pushing a Companion update
It should be ready in a few hours

(Samadhan Jadhav) #9

thanks for the update…
It reduced the panic…
can we get updates (I dint notice if makeroid now kodular had provided one) well before…


Didn’t exactly understood what you are trying to say.

If you are asking about the change log or the updates that the current version provides, then please refer to this below post

(Samadhan Jadhav) #11

I was testing my app and it suddenly stopped working… (i couldnt use companion as it didnt take me anywhere after scanning the code).

I had to search what could have caused the issue… spent almost an hour to understand that Diego will push companion update.

Wanted to know, if we can have dashboard or noticeboard kind of stuff which will inform users about planned releases??

So that, users can sip cup of tea during the updates :smile:

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #12

Yeah, we always make releases to update everything within a minute
But as on this release we also had to rename names, it’s taking more than usual
Sorry for all inconveniences

(Samadhan Jadhav) #13

how long will it take to be able to use the companion please?

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #14

Until Google validates it
It shouldn’t take longer than 4 hours


Oh… Sorry then. Please ignore my reply @jsamadhan3 :smile:

(Nathan) #16

They can update now:

(Samadhan Jadhav) #17

i was still checking with old makeroid (hate to say :frowning: ) companion!!!

(Abdul Mannan Khan) #18

Team I am not sure why your name was changed to Kodular. I suggest you to register a trademark to keep the name secure and unique. Usually few smart guys in the market tries to kill the good platforms. I would suggest team @Diego very best of luck with your new name.:+1:


(Spinx Spanx) #19

I just though my PC got hacked and open wrong site…thanks God :sweat_smile:

(Yusuf Cihan) #20

There are some places are still referring to old name:

  • The “Builder” tab in the community.
  • In Kodular Companion’s app description:
    • Starting from : “You can also check our servers status…”

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #21

Social Networks



















(Joan Bove Tombas) #22

Good luck for this new project:Gafas de sol::Gafas de sol:

(Shreyash) #23

There are many places now also where the changes are to be done.