Whats Paint : A Painting App

Don’t ask me that please

BTW, I suggest you stop asking questions not about What’s Paint as @Peter will close this topic because, it’s Off-Topic what you’re talking about

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Which one do you prefer for the new version?
we will have the new UI, a lot more new features, new logo, etc.

  • Whats Paint 1.1
  • Whats Paint 1.2
  • Whats Paint 2.0

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For our new Whats Paint , wanna see anything new ?

  • Give users a surprise
  • Post some sneakpeeks

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It depends on how many more features you add

We are sorry …

Due to the new Makeroid performance issue, we can’t release Whats Paint 2.0 on our planned date, because the main screen requires 15 seconds to response for a button click and show dialog and it takes more than 10 seconds to follow your step while drawing on canvas, which is a big issue to a drawing app, it affect a lot to use it


I didn’t see this from the beginning.

You literally copied all my text and idea applying small changes to it.

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Oh sorry , I will change it soon

Or maybe I can use a new topic instead , so it is easier to read ?

No new topics
Each app has a limit of 1 topic in order to avoid bumps, sorry


What? Do you mean It needs less storage?


Congratulations on your new app

I have also made a drawing app. Check out this post:

Splash will have a huge reborn soon, just wanted to remind it.

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That is the old one , I will update the description soon

I have deleted it , my contents is below the screenshots

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OK for now, just told you this for you to learn and not do it again, my goal is not to just protect my content, it’s just words :slight_smile:.

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Why reposting this? You allready posted this info.

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the new one,deleted the old one already

Whats Art is coming soon,
Whats Paint is no longer available,
If you have any questions,
Please read this post :

The new post :

Mark any post as solution and the thread will get closed in a month.

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