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(Debargha Bhadra) #1

Doodle Fun

Unleash your creativity with this app. Doodle Fun offers you a big canvas which help you unleash your power of art.


Doodle Fun is an application with a big canvas allowing you to draw, paint and doodle. This app is just under 5 MB and hence you need not worry about space. Why waste paper for Doodle? Use this app and conserve paper. This app has easy settings and hence you can customize as you wish. Want help? Check out the Help Page. Download this app now and start Doodling. HAPPY DOODLING !


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Whats Paint : A Painting App
(Kanishka Chakraborty) #2

Kinda similar… Except SketchPad is free of ADs.

(Debargha Bhadra) #3

No ADS Version will be added very shortly…
Love the Blue Colour :heart_eyes:

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #4

Yep. It’s beautiful.

(Robert Crum) #5

Wow, amazing work!
Thanks for sharing AIA with us!