When any Label click Eroor

I am creating an app using recycle list extension. In which I want to copy, share. Option to keep. But what is the solution when I am clicking on the share button I am getting this error Is there any method that I can copy and share the content of the dynamic label. Please help, this is a very important project for me.

Cardview.aia (429.1 KB)

If you click any label or CV , any cv clicked click gets trigger… since you have not set any unique id for cv it throws error

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I have also done it for label but after clicking on label it is showing same error

@Still-learning Tried 5 different methods but still no results

Isn’t? But i tested and it shows no error…

test this

Cardview(1).aia (429.0 KB)

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Good :grinning: But I want to share and copy the text, but here the position is being shared, how can I share, copy the data of that position in the cardview?

then use get the value of clicked label text …

How to get value?

try like this

I dont think you need to set the cv fullclickable to true… Since you are using sharing button what is the need of cv click???

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Thanks as always for your help, maybe it will take me another 10 years to reach my intellectual level,:joy: Thanks again​:+1::+1:

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I have one more question, if I can click more than 1 button. If set in , how to get different value of desired speed by button, i.e. how to identify the button

On click, immediately share will pop up so user cannot click multiple button

The last button only value will be considered by the app unless you design any logic to memory list of button click

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hi @Still-learning I think my problem is not complete, I am not getting the expected result, I have included 2 buttons in the card, when I am clicking on the share button, the other 2 buttons show the activity set on the top simultaneously. I am having problem as after clicking share button text share and copy button are not clicked as expected.
Cardviewew.aia (442.6 KB)

Why do you change the logic? Earlier you asked for label click… now with button click… wait let me see

See your logic, it will execute both operations as there is no any specific condition you set while creating unique id

While creating unique id for share button pls use any specific word like b+get position
. And here you call if the unique id contains the text b on clicked unique id logic in when any button clicked

I see that the method to click on the label is not available in this extension

No it is there… already i set na, when any label clicked??? If you set fullclickable of cardview disabled (set it as false in OnCreateView) mean you can see that in previous aia

I deleted the card view click and set the label click to top but nothing happened

Don’t delete, pls set it as false nd try else if you click on lable then cv click only will trigger and try to read the logic

ok I am doing so

not working