When back button is pressed, White blank page appears, if clicked again, Notifier message appears

I just cant figure it out, i have searched countless times here to say i can see a replicate of my 2 problems, but it was futile.
I just want a basic app actions.

  1. How do i make exit confirmation message appear once i click back button on the homepage
    (More explanation on the first problem: When ever i click back button on the homepage, a white screen appears, the exit confirmation message on appears only if i click the back button again. i just want to achieve getting the exit confirmation message on a white screen once i click back button on the homepage.)

  2. Second problem is, Now since it takes 2 back button press to get the exit confirmation message, if i press cancel Exit, it doesnt go back to the homepage again. It gets stuck on the white screen.
    So in retrospect, When i click on back button on the homepage, a white screen appears, i always have to click again to see the exit confirmation message, and if i ever click cancel exit it does’nt take me to the previous page (Homepage)

Please help, i have tried hard not to post here since this is kinda a generic issue that might have been asked before, and Moderators always frown at it, but i couldnt find a solution to this problem.
Thanks in advance

On back pressed if the url is equal to home url
Show notifier
Else can gi backward

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Yeah exactly, I later figured it out several hours after i posted this, Thanks for your input, i really appreciate it.

i changed it from this

To This

Yeah… This is good… And mentioned the same…

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