When click any download button only one image is downloaded

i have a list of dynamic component and i call images from airtable when i click on any download button only first image is download other images are not download here is my block:-

In this block that you shared I don’t find any issues you need to share more blocks that you used to identify the issue

here is the block how i created button like download

Hi @Ramjan_Malik,
That because you are getting only one id using get component block.
That how should it be ( using the component local variable )
blocks - 2020-08-26T152406.660

it still not working

Sorry @Ramjan_Malik .I made a problem :sweat:
To fix it try this:
May be i wrote the ids wrong you must check them

Set custom Download.URL to Select list item list (global image) index {replace all text text(dynamic component getid by component) segment (downbtnid) replacement (leave blank)}

set URL to

same as what @CJcorp said


when user click a button it should be replace by other image of button how can i do that

Something like that?
blocks - 2020-08-26T155322.933

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i have dynamic component button i will show you the block wait

Then you any button.click

Make something like that:
blocks - 2020-08-26T155705.968

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You can ask your all questions and queries in one topic why are you creating multiline topic related to same project

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ya its worked and when its click again it will be same as first image, how can i do that

take a variable with initial value 0

when button clicked
if variable = 0
then set button image to “new image” and set variable value to 1
set button image to “previous image” and set variable to 0

could u please convert in to block

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