When i try to export the apk its says error

When i press export button or test it never export apk its says error.

Can you post error log? So we can solve your problem.

Click the VIEW LOG button and post the error message here.

And search the forum. This has been asked many many times before.

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Like i said. Search the forum. There are many topics.

Can you tell me which one is it

Did you search?


I am makink YouTube thumbnail downloader app is it allowed to make in kodular

Show your blocks too

As long as you get permission from the video’s owners, yes.

You don’t need permission for YouTube thumbnail download because many apps in the playstore

According to these articles, this is forbidden or not recommended, if @vandanamahajan54321 is planning to publish app on Google Play Store.

Please can you tell my app is not exporting

There is a button for search. You can use this to get a solution from previous topics.

Did you check your blocks for errors? The information given is not enough to solve your error.

I am facing same problem n I tried everything where community members alrdy said . Did you get any solution yet ? Don’t know what to do ? Day before yesterday it was working when making final apk from yesterday getting this message and I am hanging on there not able to export apk ! :relieved::relieved: