When I'm open another screen with start value, and back from screen its not loading

I’m send value to another screen, its worked but when I’m back from screen and open it again its not open
please help

May you please show us your blocks.
Writing your issue isn’t enough for finding the solution of the issue.

First screen(Screen1) image
Second screen(Class) image
Third screen(Home) image
And image
Fourth screen(Syllabus) image

This video helps you to understanding,


As per the video, you are clicking back from screen “Syllabus” to screen “Home”
Datesheet.Click relies on “startvalue”.
Unfortunately, when you clicked back, there was no startvalue that was provided.

Try using the blocks

  1. When “Screen.back pressed”
  2. “Close screen with value”
  3. “When Screen.other screen closed”
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its not working

Could you share your new blocks, that don’t work?
I use those 3 methods; they work for me in my app.


In Syllabus, startvalue should have a “b” at the end.
In Home screen, start value should not have any “b”.
So in Syllabus.BackPressed, the statements may have an error.
Please check if this is the problem.

Also, Kodular tutorials recommend closing the screen instead of opening a new screen as you have done. This is to preserve memory or something (not entirely sure of the reason). If your app isn’t lagging, there’s no issue, I guess.

not working
I can try many times also export and check tens times
{any solution tinyDB}

Please upload the aia file if possible

I will send you personal check .aia

your issue is solved???